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5S workplace organization method webinar | 5S online seminar | 5S online training

The 5S method (also called the 5A method in German) is an applied instrument to make workplaces safe, clean and clear. Order and cleanliness are basic requirements for improving and optimizing work processes and reducing the risk of accidents at work. Coming from Japanese production concepts, 5S stands for the idea of ​​designing workplaces in such a way that work can be carried out without disruption. Waste caused by long searches, avoidable transport routes and waiting times should be avoided. A clean and tidy work environment is also the basis for quality work. As a methodical tool, 5S can be used in all areas of an organization, in production as well as in services and administration through to data storage and IT. The direct involvement of the employees concerned (employee participation) makes it easier to find weak points and implement improvements. An essential principle of the method is to visualize the developed standards at the workplaces. In this way, deviations can also be recognized more quickly by outsiders and superiors.

Objective of the “5S Method” webinar

During the webinar you will learn the basics of the 5S method and its standardized steps. With the help of many operational examples and video material, we will introduce you to the subtleties of this Lean method. Furthermore, we provide you with the tools to successfully introduce 5S in the company, to carry out 5S audits and to ensure that the results achieved are controlled, maintained and further improved. Thus you are able to use the 5S method efficiently.

5S helps you to be systematic in improving workplaces and areas. The focus is mainly on order, cleanliness and standardization. The philosophy behind 5S is that tidying up also means checking, inspecting or testing. The method, also called 5A in German, was developed by the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota and, along with many other tools, is a central component in the Toyota production system. With little effort and expense, deviations can be discovered and errors can be prevented more easily. 5S can be implemented both in production and in the non-value-adding area of ​​administration and is an indispensable basic component of lean management.

  • Organization of the workplace
  • Increase in work safety
  • Reduction of idle times and search times
  • Increase in efficiency
  • increase of productivity
  • Improvement of the appearance

Seminar content

  • Introduction to the topic
    • The 7 types of waste
    • Origin of method 5S
    • 5S as the basic building block of lean management
  • Basic knowledge 5 p
    • Objectives & benefits of 5S
    • Basics 5S
  • 5 steps from 5S
    • Select
    • Systematize
    • Clean up
    • Standardize
    • Self-discipline
  • Practical implementation of 5S
    • Planning and execution of 5S workshops
    • Checklists for 5S audits
    • Audit management
    • Practical case studies based on images
    • Tips and exchange of experiences

target group

Employees and managers from all areas of the company, students and interested people. No special prior knowledge is required for this online seminar. We recommend the 5S Auditor / 5S Representative for people who already have basic 5S knowledge


8 hours from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


    • Access to internet-enabled PC with microphone and loudspeaker
    • Connection of the computers via Teamviewer / Skype / Zoom or alternative remote software or webinar software


Certificate of attendance after the webinar


€ 495 per participant plus VAT VAT

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