8D moderator – Webinar

A neutral and professional moderation of the 8D methodology is essential in terms of efficiency and target achievement of the desired results. It is the task of the 8D moderator to optimally prepare the meetings and to moderate them in a time-saving and targeted manner.

8D moderator webinar

As a future 8D moderator, you will be able to moderate 8D team meetings (problem solving) efficiently and in a practical manner and thus make optimal use of valuable resources. In your role as an active and passive moderator, you will be able to optimally carry out the 8D methodology even against resistance in the team, to motivate employees to implement it sustainably and to create a strong identification with the result. Your advantages are:

  • Consistent compliance with the 8 disciplines of the 8D methodology according to VDA
  • High acceptance and universal applicability in all industries
  • Systematic examination of problems that arise
  • Training independent of software and forms
  • Increased acceptance of the 8D methodology in the company

Seminar content

  • Basic knowledge compact
    • 8D basic knowledge
    • A3 method (A3 problem-solving sheet)
  • Main task 8D moderation
    • The 8D moderator
      • Competence profile / job description of the 8D moderator
      • Role of the 8D moderator
      • Duties of the 8D moderator
    • The moderation of the group and the role of the moderator
  • Introduction to moderation
    • Basic knowledge of moderation
  • presentation
    • Selection and use of media
    • Reporting of the 8D project results
    • Practical exercise / workshop
  • communication
    • Basic conversation and questioning techniques
    • Group processes
      • Dealing with Conflicts
      • Dealing with successes
    • Practical exercise / workshop
  • Practical exercises with case studies
    • Moderation A3 method
    • Transfer A3 results to 8D report
  • Moderation exercises with the 8D basic tools & methods
    • Questioning techniques
    • 6 W method
    • Ishikawa with 5 x why
    • Metaplan technology
    • Creativity methods
      • Mind map
      • Decision matrix
      • Analogy method
  • 8D moderation according to PDCA
    • Plan (plan)
      • Preparation & moderation
        • Put together and motivate 8D teams correctly
        • Targeted guidance of 8D moderation
        • Practical exercise / workshop
          • Team motivation
    • Do (do)
      • Support in the implementation of measures
    • Check
      • Tracking of activities
      • Review of the measures
      • Correction of measures
    • Act (wrap-up)
      • Transfer of the measures / knowledge transfer through “lessons learned”
      • 8D calculate and communicate successes
  • Video analysis
    • 8D (A3) moderation
      • Reflection on the CIP moderation skills
      • Feedback
  • Barriers / problems / opportunities in the company
    • Deriving measures for better 8D workshops
      • Practical exercise / workshop
        • 8D flyer for team members
        • 8D multipliers
        • Rules of teamwork
  • 8D practical exercises / case studies / workshops
    • Practical exercises with case studies and workshops, individually tailored to the needs of the group
  • Exchange of experience
    • Tips and tricks from practice
    • Group / trainer exchange of experience

target group

Employees and managers, development and process engineers as well as project managers who are involved in the product development process as well as future FMEA moderators, students and interested persons. For this seminar, QM basics are advantageous for a better understanding, but not absolutely necessary. Before the seminar, there is the possibility of requesting free information material from us in order to receive a brief overview of the methods in self-study.


2 x 6 hours from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


  • Access to internet-enabled PC with microphone and loudspeaker
  • Connection of the computers via Teamviewer / Skype or alternative remote software or webinar software


Certificate of attendance after the webinar


€ 795 per participant plus VAT VAT

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