FMEA basic knowledge – Webinar

The FMEA online training / FMEA Webinar offers an overview of the areas of application and the development of the FMEA method. Basic working methods as well as the distinction between system, construction and process FMEA are discussed. Important core elements of the seminar are the VDA-compliant application of the 7 steps of the FMEA. This seminar is aimed at those interested and managers who need an overview and basic understanding of the FMEA method, as well as at employees who are looking for a first step into risk management. No previous knowledge is required to participate in the FMEA online seminar, but QM basics are beneficial for a better understanding. Participants and speakers simply meet in a seminar room on the Internet. You always have the opportunity to ask questions. The FMEA online seminar is an efficient and inexpensive alternative. There are no travel costs or travel times to the seminar location as well as any overnight stays. The technical possibilities must be clarified in advance with your own IT department.

FMEA basic knowledge webinar

You will get to know and apply the failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA method) efficiently and in a targeted manner. You will expand your methodological knowledge and can apply it independently in your environment within the framework of product and / or process development. You will be able to support and optimize your development area and your processes in terms of quality, efficiency, knowledge storage and predictability.

The FMEA basic knowledge compact / FMEA for managers offers a comprehensive overview of the application areas and the embedding of the FMEA method in quality strategies. Extended working methods as well as the distinction between system, construction and process FMEA are discussed. An important core element of the seminar is the VDA-compliant application of the 7 steps of the FMEA, which has firmly established itself across all industries.

  • Consistent compliance with the 7 steps of the FMEA
  • Training independent of software and forms
  • Improved handling of the FMEA method in projects
  • Increased acceptance of the FMEA in the company
  • idea
  • introduction to the topic
    • “Quality Management” and FMEA
    • “Risk management” through FMEA
    • “Knowledge management” using FMEA
  • Introduction to the FMEA
  • FMEA basic knowledge
    • Effort, benefits and goals of the FMEA
  • Aids (of the FMEA)
    • Methods
      • Ishikawa
      • 5 x why
      • Creativity methods (mind map, brainstorming, decision matrix, etc.)
    • software
  • Overview of various FMEA forms
  • The 7 steps of the FMEA
    • Scope of consideration / scoping / project planning

      • Objectives Scope of consideration / scoping / project planning
      • FMEA project planning (who, does what, when, how, with what)
      • method
      • Practice workshop
    • Structural analysis
      • Objective of the structural analysis
      • method
      • Practice workshop
    • Functional analysis
      • Objective of the functional analysis
      • method
      • Practice workshop
    • Failure analysis
      • Goal of failure analysis
      • method
      • Exercises in the FMEA with the Ishikawa method combined with 5 x why
      • Targeted error analysis & cause research using questioning techniques
      • Practice workshop
    • Risk assessment
      • Risk assessment objectives
      • Meaning (B), occurrence (A), discovery (E), risk priority number (RPN)
      • B x A x E = RPZ
      • B x A x E = RPZ (Automotive)
        • Elimination of the RPZ, instead AP (Action Priority) | Risk matrix (RMR)
        • B x A
        • B x E
        • A x E
        • AP (Action Priority)
      • Critical examination of the reviews
      • Evaluation catalogs
      • method
      • Practice workshop
    • optimization
      • Goals of optimization
      • method
      • Practice workshop
    • Risk & result documentation
      • Goal of the risk and result documentation
      • method
      • Practice workshop
  • Workshop: Elaboration of a joint FMEA
  • FMEA in the product development process (PEP)
    • Basic / variant management with the FMEA
    • Knowledge management with the FMEA
  • work in groups
    • FMEA moderation using examples
  • FMEA role allocation
    • FMEA moderator
    • FMEA team
  • Additional content: Introduction of the FMEA in the company
  • Questions and discussion

target group

Employees and managers, development and process engineers as well as project managers who are involved in the product development process as well as future FMEA moderators, students and interested persons. For this online seminar, QM basics are advantageous for a better understanding, but not absolutely necessary. Before the online seminar, there is the possibility to request free information material from us in order to receive a short overview of the methods in self-study.


8 hours from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


  • Access to internet-enabled PC with microphone and loudspeaker
  • Connection of the computers via Teamviewer / Skype or alternative remote software or webinar software


Certificate of attendance after the webinar


€ 495 per participant plus VAT VAT

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