Poka Yoke – Webinar

Poka Yoke (Japanese: poka: “the unintentional error”, yoke: “avoid”) assumes that no human being and no system, however sophisticated, is able to completely avoid unintentional errors. This means that Poka Yoke can be used as a means of preventing errors based on the lock and key principle. Poka Yoke solutions not only completely reveal errors, they even completely prevent errors from occurring in the first place. Inexpensive technical precautions and facilities are often used for this, which are designed according to the poka yoke principle and prevent incorrect actions in the manufacturing process from leading to errors in the end product. Simple examples of this are: TAE telephone plugs cannot be inserted the wrong way round,

Objective of the webinar “Poka Yoke”

You will get to know and apply the Poka Yoke method (solution finding) efficiently and in a targeted manner. You expand your methodological knowledge and can apply and moderate this independently in your environment as part of complaint processing. You will be able to optimize areas such as work preparation, development and production in terms of complaints, quality, efficiency and knowledge storage.

Goals / your benefit

  • More practical relevance with simultaneous learning control
  • Lower costs for the employer due to less travel time
  • Increasing the ability to “learn by yourself”
  • Practice-oriented trainers and mentors guarantee learning success

Seminar content

  • introduction
  • Basics and terms
    • Troubleshooting
      • Problem solving process
        • PDCA
    • Risk Management (FMEA , Ishikawa)
      • Interfaces to Poka Yoke
    • Complaint management (problem solving, 8D, problem solving sheet)
      • Analyze complaints
      • Interface to Poka Yoke
    • How do I get to Poka Yoke projects?
    • Tools / methods / resources
      • Ishikawa (cause and effect diagram)
      • 5x why
      • 6 W method
  • Poka Yoke “foolproof” against wrongdoing
    • Goals of Poka Yoke
    • Poka Yoke solutions
      • Cup yoke examples
    • Poka Yoke principles of error detection
    • Poka Yoke types
    • Poka Yoke Checklist
    • Efficient integration into the product development process


  • 6 hours from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


  • Access to internet-enabled PC with microphone and loudspeaker
  • Connection of the computers via Teamviewer / Skype or alternative remote software or webinar software

Scope of services

  • Training documents in PDF form
  • Photo documentation in PDF form



  • € 360, – per participant plus VAT VAT

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