Process mapping – webinar

Process mapping webinar | Process mapping online training

Process mapping is an effective method for optimizing processes. Every activity in the company or in the immediate work environment can be viewed as a process or as a supplier-customer relationship along the value chain. When using the process mapping method, process flows are often visualized on so-called “brown paper” as a flow chart, analyzed and then redesigned (who does how, what, with what and for how long?). This simple tool helps to actively promote motivation, creativity and innovation competence of employees, to visualize operational processes easily and efficiently and to recognize potential bottlenecks. Most importantly, that both transparency and a common perspective on the process can be created and the focus can be placed on the problems and causes it contains. This reduces throughput times, avoids waste, waiting times and multiple work, and concrete results can be implemented immediately: the result of a process mapping is a catalog of measures with responsibilities and specific deadlines for problem elimination, supported by all parties involved.

Objectives of the webinar “Process mapping”

You will get to know and apply the process mapping method efficiently and in a targeted manner. You will expand your methodological knowledge and can apply and moderate it independently in your work environment. You will experience process mapping in a practical way based on a specific internal company process. Weak points are identified and solutions to problems, including concrete, feasible measures, are developed. Measures are bindingly agreed. Instruments for tracking measures are conveyed in order to ensure the concrete implementation of the agreed measures. Process mapping achieved through the resulting transparency:

  • Visualization of the operational processes in the workplace
  • Recognizing weak points and waste
  • Reduction of lead times and cost savings
  • Improving the quality of products and services.
  • Increased efficiency by avoiding repetitions of errors
  • better teamwork and motivation,
  • Identification of those involved with the process and task
  • Joint development of a list of measures to improve the identified waste
  • Cross-departmental and cross-company communication regarding process goals and interfaces

Webinar content

  • introduction to the topic
  • Introduction to the topic of “CIP”
    • Corporate culture & philosophy
    • PDCA cycle / Deming circle
    • CIP & ISO 9001: 2015 (quality management)
  • CIP goals
    • Goals & benefits of CIP
      • Goals & benefits for companies
      • Goals & benefits for employees
  • CIP core tools  (methods & systematics)
    • PDCA model
      • plan
      • do
      • Check
      • Act
  • Process management tools
    • Process mapping
      • Basic knowledge
      • Steps in process mapping
      • Questioning techniques
    • Turtle diagram
      • Steps in the turtle diagram
      • Questioning techniques
    • Wash method
    • Who does what, when, how, with what, who is to be informed, ..
  • Knowledge management tools
    • Lesson learned
  • Workshops
    • Case studies with practical relevance
    • Intensive training of selected practice-relevant methods


  • 6 hour webinar from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


  • Access to internet-enabled PC with microphone and loudspeaker
  • Connection of the computers via Teamviewer / Skype / Zoom / or alternative remote software or webinar software


  • Certificate of attendance after the webinar


  • € 360, – per participant plus VAT VAT

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