QFD webinar

Quality Function Deployment or QFD for short  is a method that originated in Japan to develop tailor-made products and processes that trigger that certain “aha experience” in the customer – finally a product whose performance profile exactly meets the customer’s needs. A product with exactly the properties that the customer wants and is willing to pay – no more, but also no less. Quality Function Deployment (QFD) helps to better understand the needs of the customer and thus to identify innovation potential. QFD reduces development costs and times. With the help of the QFD method, a comprehensive specification sheet is created, from which a complete and reliable specification sheet for development is worked out in the team. This significantly reduces the “flop risk” of a development.

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Objective of the online seminar “QFD – Quality Function Deployment”

In this QFD online seminar, you will learn, using examples and tasks from your own environment, how you can systematically and purposefully develop innovative products with Quality Function Deployment (QFD) that precisely meet customer needs. Reduce development times and costs with the QFD method. In addition, you will recognize the advantages of working in a method network with methods such as VoC (Voice of the Customer), 8W methodology, Aiffinity diagram, CTQ driver tree, TRIZ, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) and FMEA  for the identification of further improvement potentials, for decision-making and risk assessment as well as for quality assurance. After this one-day introductory training course, you will be able to apply the method in practice independently.

The core element of QFD is the “House of Quality” – a structured procedure with which the answers to the following 5 questions are worked out:

  • Who is the customer?
  • WHAT does the customer expect?
  • HOW are the requirements met?
  • WHICH features are decisive for purchase?
  • HOW well do the competitor’s products meet the requirements?

Seminar content

  • Introduction to the topic
    • Origin of the QFD method
    • Explanation of terms
      • customer
  • The voice of the customer (VoC)
    • Kano model
    • Customer weight in the decision-making process
    • Prioritization of customer requests
  • Competitive comparison
  • Product features that contribute to the fulfillment of customer requirements
  • Dealing with conflicting customer requests
  • Tools
    • 8W questions
    • Affinity diagram
    • CTQ driver tree
    • Pairwise comparison
    • House of Quality (1) = QFD (1)
    • House of Quality (2) = QFD (2)
    • Pareto diagram
    • Functional Analysis (FA)
    • Function tree
    • Functional block diagram (FBD)
    • Block diagram
    • Morphological box
    • Pugh matrix
  • Working in a method group
    • Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)
    • TRIZ
      • FMEA
      • Utility analysis
      • other…
  • Tips and exchange of experiences

target group

Employees and executives from all areas of the company, engineers, technicians, salespeople from development / construction, sales, product management and production, students and interested people. For this seminar, QM basics are an advantage, but not mandatory.


  • 6 hour webinar from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


  • Access to internet-enabled PC with microphone and loudspeaker
  • Connection of the computers via Teamviewer / Skype or alternative remote software or webinar software


  • Certificate of attendance after the webinar


  • € 360, – per participant plus VAT VAT

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